Know your rights: Changes in Bulgaria’s immigration detention rules


In December 2017, amendments of the Law on the Foreigners in R. Bulgaria were passed, which change the rules for placing in and releasing from the Busmantsi and Lyubimets centres of foreign nationals. The most important changes include that there will no longer be automatic court review of the detention, but every detainee will need to appeal the prolongation to the court at the 6-th and 12-th month points. Otherwise, it is possible to stay in detention for the maximum of 18 months.


In addition, two new alternative measures were introduced: to submit a money bond between BGN 500 and 5000, or to submit a travel document (passport), and be released from Busmantsi or Lyubimtes. On July 10 2018, the Regulation on how to apply the new provisions was adopted, which specifies exactly what procedures must be followed.

For up-to-date information and tips on how to exercise your rights, if you, or somebody you know, are in detention, read the newest guidelines published by the Center for Legal Aid – Voice in Bulgaria: Your Rights!

Photo: Gabriel